The prizes

Discover all the prizes for the best business ideas and projects competing in Start Cup Piemonte Valle d'Aosta 2024!

For the Ideas Competition

The best business ideas receive prizes in services:

- Free support and consulting activities, aimed at supporting the entrepreneurial team in developing the Business Plan, provided by the competition's organising incubators through experts.

- Consultancy services on 5G aimed at feasibility studies to assess the potential added value of 5G connectivity, provided by the City of Turin's CTE NEXT project. To compete for these services, you must select the relevant option when applying for your business idea in Stage I of the competition.

- It will also be possible to take advantage, again by indicating your preference when registering your business idea for Stage I, of the free orientation and accompaniment services provided by experts from Invitalia, official partner of the Italian National Innovation Award, aimed at the submission of applications for subsidies on the agency's various incentives.

For the Business Plan Competition

Cash prizes are awarded to the best business projects, in accordance with Article 11 of the official regulations. The award ceremony will be carried out by the Promoter Committee at the beginning of November 2024. Thanks to the endowment made available by the Promoting Institutions and Supporters of the XX edition of the competition, over €75,000 of prize money will be provided in cash and in services:

Absolute prizes


for the 1st place


for the 2nd place


for the 3rd place

Fondazione CRC Prize

of €10,000 for the best entrepreneurial project setting up a business in the Province of Cuneo, offered by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo and paid out as described in Article 11.2 of the competition Rules.

Valle d'Aosta Prize

of €7,500 for the best business project that establishes the company in the Pépinières d'Entreprises of Aosta or Pont-Saint-Martin, sponsored by Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta and paid out as described in Article 11.3 of the competition Rules.

Space Sustainability Prize

of €7,500 for the best business project proposing innovative products or services regarding the sustainability in the space and aerospace fields, sponsored by Distretto Aerospaziale Piemonte and paid out as described in Article 11.4 of the competition Rules.

Social Innovation Prize

of €15,000 in total, awarded to two best innovative entrepreneurial projects in the fields of scientific research, technological innovation, medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, agriculture and food requirements that promote social progress and the development of better living conditions. Specifically, the two awards are the Special Social Innovation ‘Gold’ Prize, worth €10,000, and the Special Social Innovation ‘Silver’ Prize, worth €5,000, offered by the Laura & Franco Beltramo ETS Foundation and paid out as described in Article 11.5 of the Competition Rules.

City of the Future and Sustainability Prize

of €7,500, awarded to the best entrepreneurial projects (maximum 2 winning teams) proposing innovative products or services based on sustainability-related technologies, offered by the LINKS Foundation and provided in the form of technical services, as described in Article 11.6 of the Rules of the competition.

Jacobacci & Partners Prizes

worth a total of €7,000, to be awarded to the two best business projects with intellectual property characteristics on the basis of merit - Jacobacci Gold Award, worth €5,000, and Jacobacci Silver Award, worth €2,000 – that will be distributed in the form of consultancy services on the protection of trademarks, models and patents, as described in Article 11.7 of the contest Rules, sponsored by Jacobacci & Partners.

UniCredit Start Lab Prize

for the best entrepreneurial project on the basis of the maturity of the project, the market potential, the team's skills and the innovative characteristics of the finalist start-ups, consisting of a mentorship session, offered by UniCredit SpA and provided as described in Article 11.8 of the competition Rules, during which will be assessed the suitability of the project to be admitted to the targeted content of the Start Lab programme.

Three 5G & Emerging Tech Prizes

in services to be awarded to the best business projects regarding 5G technologies, services or products, as described in Article 11.9 of the competition Rules, within the scope of the City of Turin's CTE NEXT project.

Participation to PNI 2024

pni logo

The first 6 projects of the final ranking will gain access to the Italian National Innovation Award (PNI). The registration fee of €1,000 per project is paid to PNI by the Organizers of Start Cup Piemonte Valle d’Aosta. Travel and accommodation expenses are not included and remain in charge of the participating teams.

The next edition of PNI will take place in Rome, Italy, on December 5 and 6, 2024, organised by the University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’ in cooperation with the universities and research organisations of the Start Cup Lazio network, within the framework of the Lazio Ecosystem of Innovation called 'Rome Technopole' and financed by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

The National Award for Innovation, which awards cash prizes, is the "Champions Cup" of the winning business projects of the regional Start Cups and is promoted by PNICube, the Italian Association of Incubators and Business Plan Competitions.

The regional Start Cups cover almost the entire Italian territory and involve more than 50 universities and incubators.

Special Mentions ("Cross" award category)

Women Entrepreneurship

for the best female enterprise project with a female-led team (more than 50%).

Social Innovation

for the best social innovation project, which proposes innovative solutions in one of the fields envisaged by Article 2, comma 1, of the Italian Legislative Decree 155/2006 on social enterprise.

Open Innovation / Industrial Spin-Off

to the best project concerning innovative products and/or services coming from a joint research activity between a company and a University in Piedmont, Italy.

Climate Change

for the best business project with an impact on the matter of climate change that integrates innovation, technology, protection and enhancement of natural resources to generate economic growth and environmental protection.

Sustainable Technologies

for the business project which stands out the most for its uniqueness within the sustainable technologies field, awarded by Jacobacci & Partners.