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Tips for drawing up a good Business Plan

Phase 2 of Start Cup Piemonte Valle d'Aosta 2020 is officially open: in order to participate, you must submit the Business Plan of your idea or innovative project.

In order to facilitate the drafting of this document, we have thought of providing some tips to take into account when drafting it!

In fact, it is necessary to take into consideration 4 fundamental points:

1) The innovation and value proposition of your innovative idea: bring out the value of your project and how it differs from that of potential competitors;

2) The size of the target market: make sure you have adequately analyzed the market in which the project will be developed and assess its real need;

3) The feasibility of the idea and the prospects for economic growth: make sure that the financial requirements are adequate for the objectives set;

4) The team: it must be composed of motivated people with heterogeneous skills.

For additional information on how to prepare the Business Plan and to know how to compete for the special prizes, visit the page "How to participate". 

Hurry up, the deadline to apply is July 23rd at 6 pm!

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